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Reacting to «Η δικτατορία σας τέλειωσε;»: Άγρια κόντρα Καρβέλα – Φουρθιώτη στο Star Academy (27/5/17) />
OMG Reacting to the Greek Star Academy Drama with Nikos Karvelas and Menios Fourthiotis this passed weekend. I woke up this morning and my mom was watching the Greek news and this story was plastered everywhere!

I still don’t know what set off the fight so if you know please let me know why Karvelas and that other guy are fighting. Also What is that other guys name? I did hear that Nikos Karvelas was fired from the Greek Star Academy. Not sure how much truth their is to this story matter.

Thank you to Greece’s trending page for helping me find this video!